Now let’s talk a little about how this digital marketing strategy can work in agribusiness . understand your Morocco Phone Number List audience I’m sure any company wants to attract the right person for any type of communication. So, even before putting the strategy into practice, we have to define who we want to attract. And, for that, nothing better than defining his Morocco Phone Number List or her personas . “ The concept of persona is totally different from that of target audience . While the target audience is based on a description of the demographic you are looking to reach, the persona is a semi-fictional description of your ideal customer.” As it is a detailed description of the person you want to attract, we are able to have more accurate actions and always Morocco Phone Number List produce content and communicate in the right way.

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Keep your social networks active Following the increase in the use of the internet in rural areas, social networks are increasingly covered with content about agribusiness. On Facebook , Morocco Phone Number List for example, there are hundreds of groups dedicated to discussing issues related to the field. On Whats app , the same thing happens and the contents are spread quickly. Once we understand our audience and have personas traced, we Morocco Phone Number List can begin our social media marketing strategy . Knowing our persona, we have to identify where our audience is located and which social networks are worth investing time in. Keeping posts always active helps in reaching more followers . In the case of agribusiness, companies still have an opportunity outside of standard social networks. The Aground is the social Morocco Phone Number List network of agribusiness.

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The Ag tech , which already has more than 5000 users, was made solely to share content related to agribusiness. Bet on attraction marketing strategies Imagine a soy producer who wants to earn more money from his plantation. He has many options. He can invest in pesticides , buy newer Morocco Phone Number List machinery , or even acquire management applications to organize production. What’s better? There are many different opinions, and today, as the latest research shows, the internet is the fastest growing means of Morocco Phone Number List searching for information. Whoever is more easily found can give the producer their opinion, and end up influencing the purchase of a product. That’s the logic of attraction marketing . Among the thousands of players in the market, we have to reach our audience first. For that, you Morocco Phone Number List need to understand your sales funnel .

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