So, before you bother to include recommendations in your profile, it’s important to know how to produce one. That Belize Phone Number List way you can even encourage others to do the same for you. Let’s get to the tips! 1. Start with a powerful hook Starting the text with an attention-grabbing sentence is a very effective tactic to ensure the reader is interested and sticks to the end after all, what good is a recommendation if it isn’t read in its Belize Phone Number List entirety? Avoid starting your writing with sentences that are too generic or with expressions so common that they sound repetitive . Therefore, seek creativity to arouse the curiosity of those who are reading. Instead of saying “Ana is a good worker”, go further and describe how rare it is to Belize Phone Number List have the opportunity to share a workspace with someone like Ana.

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When faced with this, the reader will not leave the reading to one side until he discovers what Ana has so special Belize Phone Number List about. Be careful, however, not to use repetitive hooks. Remember that the recommendations you write also appear on your profile and that repeating phrases takes away the power of authenticity. If necessary, use a thesaurus to discover other terms that can be used to describe the same thing. 2. Contextualize Belize Phone Number List your relationship with the recommended LinkedIn recommendations aren’t limited to employee-employer relationships. They can be written by former mentors, co-workers, managers from other departments, and others. For this reason, it is essential to be specific about your relationship with the person, so that the reader understands the context in which Belize Phone Number List  the recommendation was written.

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Furthermore, putting the relationship into context also indicates the authority you have to talk about the subject . A nomination written by someone who has worked with you for 3 months will certainly Belize Phone Number List weigh less than one written by someone who has been your boss for 2 years, for example. So, early on, summarize your connection to the person in question. Let’s see some examples: “In 2016, I hired Ana to take on the position of marketing supervisor at my company, a role she performed with mastery.”; “Fernando Belize Phone Number List was my sales partner during the two years we worked in the same department.”; “I had the pleasure of working with Rosa for three years at Rock Content, collaborating on several collective projects.”. Marketing Belize Phone Number List on LinkedIn 3. Talk about the unique qualities presented by the person

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