The Flow Podcast is presented in a very simple scenario: a table that separates hosts and guests, a blue backdrop and a refrigerator for the drinks consumed China Phone Number List during the chat. Even considering the production people who record the program and help with whatever is necessary, it is composed of a small space and a lean team . As we said, this format was already used in Joe Roman’s podcasts, but it was China Phone Number List embraced by Flow, and also by other podcasts that emerged later, such as Venus , presented by Chris Pair and Jasmine Assassin, which uses the same scenario. Unlike talk shows that were highlighted on Brazilian TV such as J China Phone Number List Spares in the 90s Flow episodes have no agenda, that is, conversations are informal and made on the basis of improvisation .

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This feature comes to surprise the hosts themselves sometimes. The best-known example was when Danial Gentile, unexpectedly, called his “lawyers” to participate China Phone Number List in the program. This made Igor and Mo nark uncomfortable, as we see in the video below. Who are Flow’s guests? Flow’s guests are the most varied, as it involves from geek subjects to scientific, political, cultural and many others . The official YouTube channel publishes weekly the agenda with the China Phone Number List program’s guests, which is broadcast daily both on the platform and on Twitch . Episodes are recorded so the audience can watch them later if they missed the live stream. However, some people know and follow Flow through the cut channels, China Phone Number List which publish excerpts from the programs, as in the example below.

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The cuts are authorized by the hosts, as it is a way to make Flow better known as a brand . They just ask that the videos point to the full episode link in the China Phone Number List description and be published when the broadcast has ended. In addition, good practices are also important, such as not lying in thumbnails when placing sentences that were never said, just to draw attention in exchange for views. Are drinks and China Phone Number List drugs consumed in Flow? Another feature of Flow are the consumption made during the episodes. It has become standard practice to order food by app for guests to consume during the program. However, something that always drew attention was the use of alcohol and marijuana . In addition to China Phone Number List beer, spirits such as whiskey and the famous mead are some of the drinks that are not lacking on the table.

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