The second is totally related to the first: since people no longer buy from traditional advertisements, associating brands with entertainment Kiribati Email Lists characters is the perfect strategy . The identification of the public with people, characters and contexts We are living in an era of digital influences and celebrities that arouse desires in people around the world, a phenomenon largely driven by channels like YouTube and social networks in general. When we think of a Kiribati Email Lists character, TV series or movie very dear to the public, it is inevitable to say that there is identification and desire to look, in some way, like that person. What better way to do this than knowing exactly which brands she “uses”? The naturalness of product placement is also viewed subjectively. A survey Kiribati Email Lists conducted by Channel 4 , a large British broadcaster,

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Stated that the association of brands to specific programs is powerful and generates identification on the part of the consumer . For example: if an Kiribati Email Lists extremely happy and loving family from a TV show frequently consumes a brand of milk, inserted from the strategy in several scenes, there is an exchange of values. The spectator will start to associate feelings of happiness with the brand in an almost Kiribati Email Lists natural and imperceptible way! The entire product placement strategy is very interesting and can yield hours of conversation — which are even nicer and full of curiosities when there is a movie buff or TV series addict at the table. Trust me: you’ll probably discover loads of new inserts and think “damn it, Kiribati Email Lists how could I not remember this?”.

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With that in mind, the elements are as follows! 1. Blog posts Blog posts are a great Kiribati Email Lists alternative to help your audience solve problems and better understand subjects that are of interest to them. Themes are not always directly linked to what you sell, nor do they need to be. The fact is that creating value and creating a relationship with Kiribati Email Lists potential customers is the gateway to a profitable and lasting business relationship. 2. Product guides Product guides already have a direct relationship to your product or service, but are very useful for: convince leads that are mature enough to complete the purchase; reaffirm to them your commitment to providing Kiribati Email Lists quality support after the sale. So, working on your product guides is a great way to educate your customers and promote your company’s commitment to providing the best service .

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