Of responses Choose questions that have not yet been fully and clearly answered. So, you can create an ultimate post on this topic and make sure people read it. Note Of course, it is not the only question and answer platform. If you haven’t found any helpful questions on Quora, you can also use Reddit or Boardest. niche lab Niche Laboratory is a free website useful for finding LSI keywords and phrases in any niche. It will provide you with a lot of information such as keywords, related phrases, topic forums: Somehow it only has an estimated 7K views. It probably won’t work as a comprehensive keyword research tool due to the size of its database, but since we’re looking for new ideas, it can come in handy.

In the “phrases” section we can also find some questions from users: Some of them may not make sense, but some may still work for you. It all depends on your imagination. respond to the public Respond to the public: another alternative way to collect user questions. Returns the most common queries sorted by prepositions, questions, and alphabet. We are interested in questions, so let’s get into our topic and choose a suitable section. We will see such a visual report: It doesn’t have such large databases, but it presents the data in a specific way. Gives a lot of ideas and inspiration. Note Looking for blog post ideas that your blog audience would love to find on your blog?

Here Are 5 Places You Can Find

Inspiration for creating blog posts and the questions your audience is asking. There are many tools like Answer the public or Niche Laboratory. It is just an example for you to try and choose the most convenient tool. Some other ways to find ideas: If you work for any company, just ask your co-workers. They definitely have a lot to say. For example, they can tell you about their hobbies. Clients prefer to work with real people, not “soulless companies”, so the article on Kuwait whatsapp number list  your team members will help create a proper image. You can conduct small interviews with your colleagues or with experts in your niche. Ask them about helpful tips and tricks specific to their work. Create research within your niche. People like statistics and infographics on interesting topics. No matter how many tools there are for brainstorming ideas, brainstorming with real people is still effective.

Kuwait WhatsApp Number List

Lists and summaries always well received. Create a list of the tools you need for the perfect article or the top of educational SEO platforms or the best books relevant to your niche. Interact with the audience. People love contests and games. It will take you more time to create an interesting quiz, but such posts usually bring a lot of traffic. I find qzzr useful for this purpose. Check the most popular articles of the competition. Even if you’re trying to get over it and not steal their ideas, check them out to make sure they don’t steal yours. You can write some articles on the same topic just by changing the address. For example, “How to collect keywords for online store/blog/small business etc”. Some steps may be the same, but there is always something specific in any thread.

Take A Look At The Calendar

Maybe there are some events or occasions that you can write about. Note When running an SEO blog and advising on such topics, you should always keep track of all the SEO factors on your site. You wouldn’t trust a bald hairdresser or a tattoo artist with no tattoos, would you? Short summaryDid you run out of topics to cover on your blog? Here are 5 creative ways to find topics for your blog posts, and your audience will love them. blog post ideas, find blog post ideas, blog tips, blog post ideas There are many ways to generate new ideas for SEO blog posts. I am convinced that the most efficient is to pay attention to the questions that people ask in Google. I suggested 5 ways to collect topic ideas: Google operators, Serpstat, Quora, Niche Laboratory, Answer the public.

Of course, it is not a definitive list, but now you have few alternatives and you can choose the most convenient way for you. By finding the exact questions people are asking on the internet, you can consistently create relevant content for your blog. By choosing the topic, we are trying to generate ideas about what people would like to read. And here is an answer. They have already asked all the questions that interest them and you just have to pick it up. So if you collect the topics in this way and then write a high-quality article on them, you will be able to get remarkable traffic growth.  Do you want to know some types of blog posts that you did not know? Do you need help to structure your posts in the best way?

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