Recognizing that there is a before and after every sale, you will learn to sell consistently and efficiently.

Everything that happens afterwards is what we formally call “customer loyalty” or business relationship development, that is, everything you do (you do something, right?) to build a mutually beneficial business relationship with your customer , take advantage of that you have already earned their trust, provide them with the best possible service and that from that first purchase, your client never stops to think about the competition.

What happen? That generally your thinking


is focused on the commercial transaction and you spend little time before, and much less after.

Why? Because you’ve gotten used to that dynamic. You’ve gotten used to seeing “selling something” as a simple business transaction where one person talks a lot, the other nods, hands shake at the end, and everyone is happy.

When in reality, what is happening at that precise moment is simply the consequence.

of all the communication that you, as a company, have put into the market, on multiple R&D Directors Email Lists channels with the aim of generating that handshake and that satisfied smile in the face of your client knowing that he is making a good decision.

Therefore, when you ask yourself: when

R&D Directors Managers Email Lists


should I dedicate myself to selling full time?, you must continue asking yourself a question .

that will take you further: do my current circumstances allow me to do everything that is necessary.

to maintain efficient communication with the market with in order to capture.

the attention of my potential audience, earn their trust and get them to choose to do business with me?

Selling is much more than doing a cold door or having a web page that sells alone.
When you ask yourself that second question, “what are my current circumstances?”

you reach an extremely important point: what resources do you currently have that allow you to seriously dedicate yourself to carrying out commercial work?

Because, as I mentioned above, when we talk about “Selling being everything that happens before,

during and after” the business transaction , the first thing that comes to mind is that you need to have certain resources available to do it well. .

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