Some of the metrics shown in the Reporter report are: number of total visits; number of unique visits; page prints; time the visitor stays on the page; age of Great Britain Email List visitors; gender of visitors; featured countries and cities; source of traffic; most accessed pages. It is noteworthy that the Google Analytics report generated by Reporter is composed of graphics that facilitate the understanding of the data and Great Britain Email List provides a space for the analyst to insert an opinion on his/her analysis before delivering it to the client. What are the benefits of Reporter for the agency? Reporter software was developed to meet the specific needs of communication agencies. The tool is designed to generate complete reports that are Great Britain Email List easy to understand, which improves the customer experience and favors dialogue between the contracting party and the agency.

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As you know, the day-to-day life of an agency is hectic, so it is essential to optimize Great Britain Email List processes so that all deadlines are met. Taking this into account, the tool makes professional reports available in just a few clicks. Thus, the social media analyst does not waste time with manual work and increases his productivity. Since each client has its own particularities, the feature allows the creation of Great Britain Email List personalized reports according to the characteristics of each client, such as the addition or exclusion of specific metrics, exclusive templates, change in the order of presentation of social networks, etc. How to use Reporter in Studio? These Great Britain Email List two platforms were created with the purpose of facilitating the daily activities of the agencies.

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With that in mind, Studio integrated Reporter, in order to optimize media management and Great Britain Email List customer contact. Those who are already registered with Reporter don’t even need to leave Studio to access data from social networks, which guarantees agility and time savings. To integrate the two tools, simply access your Reporter account and, later, click on your email and select Studio. Once this is done, you will Great Britain Email List receive an access token , which must be copied and entered during access to your Studio account. Finally, just integrate your customers to make the desired queries and generate social media reports. Maintaining good communication with the customer is a vital aspect of retaining them. In this context, Reporter is Great Britain Email List a great ally of the agencies, as it generates accurate reports that can be used to clarify doubts and provide important data about the project to the decision-maker.

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