A good audience. If you receive comments on your posts, reply to ALL. I know it’s hard, especially if you have a ton of posts and the comments keep coming even years after you posted them, and you’re busy working on something else. But if your audience takes the time to engage with you, not responding to comments means you’re missing out on an opportunity to connect. 10. Monitor the results This is important early on, although it becomes more important later on. Sometimes your first choice of title for your article doesn’t resonate well with your audience; If you get this feeling, just try a different headline on your next social media update and see if it works better. The same goes for images. If you’re not happy with the repins, retweets you get: make a different image and see if it works better. a couple of weeks later.

There are a couple of things you need to do immediately after posting. Reuse your content A finished blog post is not yesterday’s news. You can take the content and use it again. One of the easiest ways is to collect multiple posts on a topic and write a new post using this collection. If you don’t have much of your own content on a topic, you can also use other people’s content in the collection and add your own. You can also syndicate your post and republish it on another outlet like LinkedIn, Medium, or Quora. Just write a new title and introduction, and link back to the original post. There are many more ways to reuse content, here are a few.

Check What Keywords

Your post ranks for in search and check the CTR; change the meta description if needed The difference between a blog and a successful blog largely depends on how seriously a blogger takes the job AFTER publishing a blog post. #blogpostwriting #blogwriting #blogging101 #startablog #bloggingforbeginners #bloggingtips #bloggingsuccess #bloggingtasks. After a couple of weeks, you should also check if your post gets VIEWS in Google search; you can use google Iran whatsapp number list  search console for that. Check what keywords your post ranks for in Google. If you get views but people don’t CLICK, you should check if you mention the keyword, which your post ranks for, in your meta description. If necessary, change the description so that more people see a connection between the description and what they searched for.

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This will help your post get more clicks from searching for the keywords it ranks for. You should rethink some of the above tasks later. You can see that your work is not done, when you publish a post. For best results, you should complete most of the above tasks successfully. And never stop optimizing, there is always something you can do better! Here’s What’s Wrong With Your Twitter Marketing (And Why Your Traffic Sucks) Published: 2017-08-16 Getting Twitter traffic is easy, right? You tweet a link to your most recent blog post and people click. If you have enough followers, you get a lot of traffic from your tweet. That’s what many bloggers think. Getting Twitter traffic is easy, right? Maybe. But there is a very common mistake that can ruin your Twitter marketing: don’t make it!

Twitter Marketing Tips

Twitter Traffic, How To Get Twitter Traffic, Twitter Tips And the first complaint I hear about Twitter marketing is that people have no idea how to get followers, because to generate traffic you need a lot of followers, right? Ok, that’s true, in a way. Before you read any further, we have several resources that show you exactly how to use social media to get massive traffic and leads. For example, take a look at the following: FREE Step-by-Step Twitter Marketing Guide FREE Pinterest Marketing Ebook Without some followers and some people to listen to you and see your tweets, the number of people you can get from Twitter for your post is limited. But there are ways to create a following. I’ve written about how to do that before. But there are still many people who have a good following on Twitter and still complain that they don’t see much traffic from Twitter.

A famous example is Neil Patel, online marketing guru famous for driving traffic to websites. He claims that Twitter is not the right platform to generate traffic, and it has 260,000 followers. And he can easily see in his feed that his tweets get some reactions, engagement and retweets. So what is Neil Patel doing wrong? Actually, it’s not just Neil Patel who is making this mistake. It’s one of the most common Twitter marketing mistakes I’ve seen. And the answer is: he doesn’t tweet (doesn’t tweet) often enough. Note: Neil Patel actually changed his Twitter strategy and now tweets more frequently since I wrote the article mentioned above, or at least he did for a while… But how can you tweet more often to drive more traffic? Because you’ll be tweeting your own articles over and over… and over again.

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