For a long time, text content dominated the Internet. Since the rise of video platforms , however, this scenario has changed. According to a Cisco Forecast Micronesia Email List study , in 2017 69% of Internet traffic will be carried out on videos, and the forecast for 2019 is 80%. For this reason, video content is a great bet for Marketing professionals . One of the platforms that made it easier for companies to use this format is Micronesia Email List Facebook. For many years, the only way to share videos on the social network was through links from other sites like YouTube and Vireo. In 2015, however, Marc Lederberg’s team launched its own video functionality, Facebook Micronesia Email List Video , allowing you to upload files directly without using external links to sites like YouTube or Vireo.

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A year later, Facebook Live was launched , a feature for streaming live videos on the social network. Do you want to understand what Facebook Video and Micronesia Email List Facebook Live are, and how you can use them in favor of your Marketing strategy? Check this post in full. Why Video is the Future of Marketing The rise in popularity of this content format has occurred for several reasons. First, the Internet has become a place for fast-paced information consumption. It’s been estimated Micronesia Email List that in the 2000s, when Internet use spread, our ability to pay attention to something dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds (source: Telegraph ). Therefore, the video replaced the text as it presents an easy and fast consumption format. In addition to an increase in attention deficit, the growth Micronesia Email List in the use of mobile devices has also contributed to increased use of videos.

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While long text articles can be difficult to read on a smartphone due to their small size, videos Micronesia Email List don’t present the same hurdle because, even with a smaller image, the audio remains intact. According to a Facebook study , 65% of videos are viewed on smartphones. For Marketing professionals, videos are a big bet because, in addition to being widely adopted, they are an extremely versatile format for content Micronesia Email List production. Companies that use video in their favor know how to create a brand identity through this format, whether with long or short videos, video series, copyrighted content or produced by brand advocates. Technological innovations in this area are also increasingly advanced. In addition to “traditional” video, today we have the ability to produce Micronesia Email List content in 3 and virtual reality format.

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