I never plan to fail. Nobody does it. But the hard fact is that most people don’t take the time to put together a solid plan when it comes to their social media efforts. Is it a lack of focus ? Lack of clear goals ? Or is it just not knowing where to start ? Well, effectively, I’m taking that last option off the table. If you’re having trouble with the other two, you can always schedule. Some time with me to help you work on focus and goals. In the meantime, let’s start with a plan . FYI, this post was shared with my Insiders months before I shared it pub Afraid Italy Phone Number licly. If you want to be one of those awesome people to get my best content first, join the list by adding your email below.

I’m going to give you at least a basic idea of ​​how to plan your content Afraid Italy Phone Number (social and/or blogging). It is not an exact science. Some of you may even think, “That’s too simple, give me something else.” Well, before you ask that, let me tell you this: are you doing the simple job? You are already doing it? Or are you just letting procrastination, inaction, and laziness hide behind the mask of “I need something ‘deeper’ to feed on.” Okay, I’m not going to go into a rant about procrastination and excuses , let’s just do this. Deal? Let’s do it! liz lemon says: let’s do this! Sit down, put distractions aside, and plan for yourself. The planning flow will look like this: Monthly Weekly Newspaper Before we get started though.

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That the first step should always be to Afraid Italy Phone Number your audience and topics . To keep this post simple and straightforward, I’m assuming you’ve already done that work. Fair enough? Great, let’s get started. Monthly Start with a calendar, any calendar will do. If you’re the pen and Afraid Italy Phone Number kind of person (like my wife), do that. If you are a digitalist like me, use the digital calendar of Italy phone number your choice. You may want to take a look at Coschedule, one of the latest additions to My Toolbox. my editorial content calendar There are also a number of great content calendar templates. Here are some that I recommend: A content marketing editorial calendar that works according to Coschedule Web editorial and social media calendars.

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Content Marketing Institute Editorial Calendar Template Afraid Italy Phone Number Next, identify any holidays or special events happening in the next calendar month (or the one you are currently in). If there are special days in that month, keep them in mind and create or curate content that is relevant or trending on that day. Weekly In any given week, there are a number of trends you can follow to get great exposure. There are hashtags that are specific to particular days of the week or even weekly Afraid Italy Phone Number media events that you can take advantage of. For example: Tuesday = #StarWarsTuesday. People post interesting/funny things about Star Wars and use the hashtag.

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Chat on Twitter. Friday = #TGIF or #FridayDanceParty . I am determined to make a thing of it. Saturdays = #Caturday. People post interesting/funny photos/videos of cats…yeah, I know, but it’s one thing. Find those weekly trends that people in your target audience will participate in and/or be interested in and put them on the calendar. Twitter chats, hot topics, weekly events (like TV shows) are all great ways to join an already thriving conversation and get exposed to a larger audience. Further Reading: Learn everything you need to know about Twitter to maximize your content marketing potential on that platform.

Remember though: be relevant , not just a trend Afraid Italy Phone Number. Afraid Italy Phone Number Now this is where the real work is. Day after day, feeding the content monster ( as my friend Justin Wise once said). I am convinced that no matter who your audience is, they crave 3 types of content: Informative : Things that feed your knowledge. Inspirational : Things that fuel your fire. Entertaining : Things that make them smile. Make it your daily goal to complete all three types of content. This goes back to understanding the psychology behind why people share things. I’ve shared about this in one of my Insider newsletters, but to save some time reading this one, I’ll just recommend you look up Contagious by Jonah Berger.

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