Everything you need to know about Customer Success Why did CS become so important? Lincoln Murphy has several compelling arguments about the Swaziland Email List importance of maintaining a customer success area. Let’s look at some: The customer who leaves the company is not just a loss of revenue. There’s something worse: he could testify against your business, which will also hurt your acquisition strategy. In an age when it’s so easy to share opinions, disgruntled Swaziland Email List customers can damage your reputation, wreaking more havoc than simply losing an account. Without working retention (focused on results), the company runs the risk of becoming stagnant. The marketing and sales teams manage to do a good job, expand the portfolio, but the results do not show up in Swaziland Email List revenue, due to recurring losses.

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In the specialist’s view, a successful relationship, based on effective results, is one in which the customer stays longer, buys more and recommends the company . This is the foundation of Customer Success. By fulfilling this Swaziland Email List goal, it is possible not only to increase sales, but to ensure more stability for the operation. In other words, sustainability is gained, which is important to sustain long-term investments. Another relevant aspect, defended by Murphy, is the Swaziland Email List  consequent development of products and services. The reasoning is simple: the closer the proximity to the customers’ routine, the greater the chances that the company will make the necessary adjustments to serve them Swaziland Email List more efficiently. Who is Lincoln Murphy? If you hadn’t heard of Lincoln Murphy, now you know why he is considered the “Pope of Customer Success”.

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Not only did he idealize the concept (or operating philosophy, as he prefers to name it), but he has applied it to several companies and worked to spread it around Swaziland Email List  the world. In 2016, he even released a book on the subject, written in partnership with Nick Meta and Dan Stein man. The proposal was to show how companies have managed, by adopting the system, to reduce customer turnover and increase their recurring revenues. He was in Brazil for the first time in 2015 and, since then, he has already accepted several invitations to Swaziland Email List participate in events in the country. In 2018, for example, he was one of the main speakers at the RD Summit. Marketing Automation Platforms fit the profile of companies that have a lot to gain from customer success. It is common to have an Swaziland Email List  under utilization of products and services,

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