Adopt a tone of voice consistent with your brand Once you’ve identified the most effective keywords, you can think Haiti Email List about how to convey product information using these related terms and synonyms, in text that speaks your persona language, in your brand’s unique tone of voice. It’s very important to pay attention to your keywords, but not to the detriment of your brand identity and good communication with your audience. Below, I’ve Haiti Email List put two snippets of descriptions for leather jackets. The texts have similar keywords to describe the characteristics, but use different approaches to connect with the target audience. Quality above all: Description of leather jacket in an e-commerce The choice of the words “classic”, “original Haiti Email List that invented the style” and “long-term durability” refer to the idea of ​​a timeless product that is an investment, not a fashion trend.

The Modern Luxury Brand

The product page at Scott NYC has a long description focused on the quality of the material and the rich history of the brand, responsible for inventing this style of jacket. The modern luxury brand: Haiti Email List Description of leather jacket in e-commerce The All Saints description also refers to the idea of ​​a motorcycle jacket, but instead of citing tradition, it uses the word “new”, and instead of highlighting the material, it highlights the aesthetic details. “Crafted” refers to the idea of ​​handicraft, to enhance the luxurious side of Haiti Email List the product. To engage the young audience, they also take advantage of the product page to encourage the sharing of images on social media. A young fast fashion brand could leave out the material to emphasize how the Haiti Email List product is the latest trend and has a cool attitude.

Haiti Email List

The important thing is to understand what your audience is looking for and show, through your description, that your product is capable of meeting expectations. For that, you can use the tip below. 4. Haiti Email List Tell a story Always think about your audience. Generic descriptions tend to be ineffective as they do not address the difficulties and goals of any specific group. Understanding your audience — speaking their language — plays a key role in Haiti Email List creating an engaging and relevant product description. Product descriptions should not only convey what your product is, but bring you closer to the customer’s reality and connect with emotions to stimulate a purchase decision. A survey conducted by Nielsen , a leader in market research, concluded that Haiti Email List emotions are key to advertising success.

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