While you’re thinking about it, see what BMW in Brazil has decided to do and learn from them. To celebrate such an impressive number of fans, the company Morocco Email List decided to provide something different for its followers. And put it differently: whoever had liked the page had the chance to drive a BMW car in a simulator! But not on an ordinary tour: it was a journey through each one’s history, based on their individual posts on Facebook. The most relevant moments of Morocco Email List  internet users in their own timeline appeared on the simulator’s screen, relating their life to the tour. Each trip in the simulation, therefore, was as unique as the Internet user who Morocco Email List participated in it. Nobody experienced the same sensations, and the passion for cars was placed side by side with the brand and the lives of the followers.

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After all this adventure, you could still share everything in your timeline, engaging more people in the campaign! What to learn from this ingenious action? That unique experience are two very useful little words to guide Morocco Email List your online campaigns, and that associating consumer achievements with your products is key to having an unshakable relationship with them. 4. Mutinous: the Marisa who Morocco Email List didn’t go with the others To interact with the target audience and increase brand recognition, the women’s intimate hygiene market giant decided to just launch a series (currently in its third season), on TV and Facebook. Titled “Maria”, in a reference contradicting the saying “Maria goes with the others”, the episodes portray the stories of independent, warrior and Morocco Email List successful women, who do not let themselves be shaken by anything or anyone.

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In a short time, the series won not only Marisa, but also Rosa, Juliana, Marta and as many as identified with the characters and their revolutions. Thus, the Morocco Email List company reinforced the association between the brand and the desire to revolutionize — already present since the emergence of Mutinous in Brazil, in 1993 —, captivating and representing the different profiles of consumers. According to the Mutinous page , the strategy was a resounding success, improving the public’s Morocco Email List  identification with the brand and their perception of the products. The lesson for you is about the importance of inguinal with the target audience in order to understand their wishes and desires for the production of new content and products. It is through it that a much stronger bond between Morocco Email List company and consumer can be generated !

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