Wasting time crossing data between spreadsheets is not the ideal model for gathering information. Anyone who wants to optimize the time devoted to this task needs to consider using an integrated management software. Raphael Costa Rica Email List Pres May 25th, 16th | Reading: min Agencies Week – Event for digital agencies A common scenario in agencies is the rush of everyday life. Tight deadlines, extensive volume Costa Rica Email List of tasks and demands that arise at the last minute are situations that every manager has gone through. With so many tasks, optimizing the time spent measuring results is a necessity. Wasting time crossing data between spreadsheets is not the ideal data collection model. If you manage the agency via Excel or use different platforms to organize the operational and financial aspects, there is no other way than to manually cross-reference Costa Rica Email List information. How to optimize the time dedicated to measuring results?

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The solution to optimizing the time spent on the task of measuring results is integration. Getting the operational and financial areas to talk to each other is the Costa Rica Email List way to make data analysis happen more quickly. One of the easiest ways to achieve results is to use management software capable of integrating all areas of the agency. By creating a logical sequence for the tasks, organizing agendas and correctly Costa Rica Email List indicating each specification of the activities, you automatically feed the reports that show results. For example, when indicating deadline/responsible for a certain task, this employee is warned, he can access his agenda, indicate the time spent on the activity and, consequently, the employee Costa Rica Email List productivity reports, hours worked for the client and the cost of the task are generated.

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The same dynamic can be carried over into the cash flow. When approving a Job with the client, authorizing the hiring of suppliers/vehicles, the Costa Rica Email List billing items are already properly organized, indicating possible transfer values, the income and expenses of each Job. What is important to present? Well, in that case, the answer will depend on your type of customer. Ideally, you should have information about the volume of hours worked at hand and compare them Costa Rica Email List with the price charged for the service. This is the most effective way to assess your profit margin and whether the customer is, in fact, profitable. Furthermore, when dealing with a Monthly Fee client , the details of the hours worked and the number of parts/Jobs created in the period is of paramount Costa Rica Email List importance. Thinking about the importance of a manager understanding concepts of financial management,

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