Elastoplast, for example, reduced its load time from 6.3 seconds to 1.4 seconds after contracting Stage . By the way, keep reading as we will present other interesting cases later on in this post. Safety Panama WhatsApp Number List Security is also one of the criteria that Google takes into account when ranking a website, so having a website that starts with HTTPD is critical and this is done with the insertion of an ISL certificate . ISL certificate is a standard internet security protocol that indicates that the connection to a website is secure. You can Panama WhatsApp Number List  tell that a site has it when you see a lock icon next to the URL. When clicking on it, this is the displayed message. digital business For this reason, every e-commerce must have this certificate, as Panama WhatsApp Number List the receipt of customer data (name, email, telephone, credit card, etc.) must be done with total security.

The Birth of Internet Crime

However, this does not exempt institutional sites from having it, as in addition to being necessary for ranking, entering data in Panama WhatsApp Number List contact forms or downloading material also needs to be secure . Although some servers charge for the certificate, on Stage it is offered free of charge . In addition to ISL, Stage also has a firewall to protect websites from cyber attacks and a weekly WordPress scan to identify Panama WhatsApp Number List malicious scripts. These scripts that can be inserted by hackers into themes or plugins bring a series of ailments, such as: file loss; site crash; insertion of strange content (especially in other languages ​​such as Chinese, Russian and English). If these scripts are identified, the Stage’s support team Panama WhatsApp Number List guides the customer to follow the right steps to eliminate this problem.

Panama WhatsApp Number List

By the way Support Every hosting server offers support, however, in most cases, it is a support aimed at solving Panama WhatsApp Number List financial or technical questions from customers. Earlier in this article we defined Stage as a results-focused WordPress website creation solution, as in fact, the goal is to drive customers to success rather than simply Panama WhatsApp Number List having more and more customers in the base to increase revenue . It feels really bad to be just another number, isn’t it? Therefore, when we created the Stage, our foundation was to make each client achieve individual success in their business or project. So, to compose the Stage support Panama WhatsApp Number List team , we brought in highly skilled experts in website development and, above all,

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