That will simply never work on Pinterest. So if you’re in the personal finance niche, Pinterest might work for you. But if investment advice is your niche, it will never work for you. Why? Because Pinterest only works for content that stays fresh over a longer period of time. As long as you have content that is created in short time frames (like news), Pinterest will never work. SEO traffic Enough about Pinterest, what about SEO? SEO is similar to Pinterest in this regard (in fact, many say that Pinterest is more of a search engine than a social network). Driving news traffic through Google is hard. Yoast SEO The Yoast SEO plugin is a great help when it comes to optimizing your posts So what can you work with for news content? Well, depending on your niche.

You can generate a lot of traffic through Facebook and Twitter. facebook ads What About Facebook Ads? Well, you can’t deny that a lot of businesses make a lot of money through Facebook ads. But there are many more people for whom Facebook ads are not working well enough. In fact, just a couple of days ago, I heard Ramit Sethi say in a video: “99% of the people who promote Facebook Ads are not profitable…and 80% of them don’t even know it” – Ramit Sethi You are probably right! But then some experts have discovered that Facebook is their source of traffic, for example, [Jon Loomer].  So it may work, but it probably won’t work for you. Neil Patel Facebook Ads Neil Patel is spending a LOT of money on Facebook Ads Twitter (and… aren’t you doing the same, Jonathan?)

Just Like Everyone Else

In the online world, we also have a source of traffic that we were (and to some extent still are) focused on. Our preferred traffic source is Twitter, and Twitter is a highly underrated traffic channel. Traffic has the power to drive traffic in just about any niche, but whether you can make Twitter your traffic as an Chile whatsapp number list  option for generating thousands and millions of clicks depends on too many factors to list here. Twitter allows you to generate traffic in almost any niche, but it is not written if it will be the only source of traffic you need. (This is also why we don’t sell a “Twitter Magical Weapons Course” – we focus on teaching as many traffic sources as possible so we can enable you to find the one you really need. Check out our “Twitter Growth Masterclass”. line” for details.) So to answer the question.

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There is no single source of traffic that works for everyone. “So how do I find MY traffic source for MY BLOG?” A source of traffic can make a difference for your blog. How can you find a scalable blog traffic source? These are the steps you need to follow. #blogtraffic #bloggingtips #trafficgeneration #trafficsource #bloggingforbeginnersHere’s how to make use of this knowledge, in 3 easy steps: Select 3-5 potential traffic sources. Try them out over a period of time, try different things, but stay as “lean” as possible. Don’t spend too much time making “strategies” work, if you can’t prove first that they CAN work for you! Ditch the tactics and traffic sources you can’t make work on your own, and replace them with strategies and traffic sources you still need to test.

Working This Way

You will always work with 3-5 traffic sources until you find one that works for you. This is true for all online businesses, but especially blogs. And once you’ve found your first working traffic source, it’s time to scale…out of it! (I’ll discuss scaling in a different article.) We know exactly how frustrating it can be when you start to decide which content delivery channels would be best for you. we have been there . We tried so many channels and wasted a lot of time until we found the perfect channel for us. Our first successful content distribution channel was Twitter. But regardless of your special situation, there’s no telling if Twitter is the channel of first choice for you. We created a workbook for you to help you “Choose Your Blog Distribution Channels”. Check it out!

How do you select the first 3 to 5 traffic sources? You should not select traffic sources randomly; At best, you will lose time, and at worst, you will lose a lot of money. Instead, you must make an informed decision. The good news is that there are endless traffic sources (or distribution channels) available that you can use today: Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, … Advertising: Google, Facebook, Pinterest Video platforms: Youtube, Vimeo, SEO guest blog influencer marketing Junk mail Link building for SEO and referral traffic Audience building through content sites and Q&A sites like Medium, Quora,… That’s 17 traffic sources already, and you could find 15 more just by continuing.

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