Nice if there is some time to close quietly for those who want it. Work methods to make meetings more personal Are you leading an online meeting? Then you can find a number of nice work methods in The large online work form book – Part 3 (affiliate) that you can use to make online sessions run better. A number of teaching methods are intended to make the discussion more personal. I give some examples below: Collect compliments from all participants about the other participants.

Give meaning

Put them anonymously in a poll or Philippines WhatsApp Number List on a slide and let participants guess which compliment belongs to whom. The person who gave the compliment can briefly explain it. Give participants in an online meeting a few minutes to find an object that characterizes them, summarizes  their purpose, or expresses the current mood. Then do a circle in which everyone holds the object up and explains. Often people already have some items in their workplace that inspire or form an important message.


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Feel connected

A variation on this is that you are instructed to find a specific item that probably has a story to it, such as a broken book, a band shirt, an outdated piece of technology, expired food, a printed mug. Ask participants to submit their guilty pleasures for the discussion . So songs that you can’t really do, but that you really like. Play a piece of them and guess who they come from. If necessary, use them as pause music to guess who the song comes from. Before you know it, a joint dance moment is underway.

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