That doesn’t take up your time because you have to create entire blog posts to participate. And finally, Twitter remained relatively unfiltered, which is also important for the regular Twitter user. I’m not a fan of Donald Trump’s tirades, but being able to follow them on Twitter still has a certain fascination. In fact, unlike other social networks in the past (My Space comes to mind), Twitter has never screwed up its communication system by diluting what makes Twitter… Twitter. Hey, before you read on, we have several FREE detailed guides on similar topics that you can download. For this post, check out: FREE Workbook: CREATE AWESOME BLOG POSTS FREE Beginner’s Guide: START A BLOG That might not sound like much, especially.

Since most of what I’ve listed above highlights actions that Twitter didn’t take, but I see it as a huge accomplishment. Not screwing up the core of Twitter by trying to turn it into a shinier version of itself has a lot of merit. Now that I have this out of the way, there are a few features and aspects that Twitter should absolutely mess with to improve the user experience and your rating as a business. The following is my idea of ​​how Twitter could easily become a money-making business machine, one that is still adored by its users! Delete and delete the “Twitter is what’s happening” claim and replace it with something meaningful “Twitter is for the news.” That’s something that’s often mentioned as the use case for Twitter. Twitter itself claims to be for news, among other things.

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That’s what’s going on. They highlight this claim with their current landing page for new users: Twitter landing page Current Twitter Landing Page Well, while this seems like a bold statement at first, it is not: what is happening now will soon be over. And there are plenty of other ways to keep up Uruguay whatsapp number list  with what’s now. It puts Twitter in direct competition with the media and the yellow news media, and while it is part of what people use Twitter,… Twitter is and should be so much more! If you’re an avid Twitter user, think about what you’re doing on Twitter. If Twitter were “for news only”, it would be a pretty empty place. It would just be people tweeting what’s going on right now and the rest of the world reading.

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But that is not happening. Instead, everyone reads, comments, approaches others, asks questions, approaches to support business lines, makes jokes, makes political statements… Twitter data, active Twitter usersFor those who are active participants on the platform (317 million monthly active users (and 100 million daily active users) send out 500 million tweets a day), Twitter is definitely not “just for news.” Twitter is not the New York Times. It’s where people discuss what’s in the Times… and the Washington Post, on Fox News, ESPN, CNN, what’s happening on Game of Thrones… It’s also where people talk about the concert they’re going to will be attending tonight or the dinner they are currently attending.

This Is What It’s Really About

Twitter is the important thing, for you, right now.” I came up with that, but hey @Jack Dorsey, feel free to use this. While this may seem like just a slight change, it is not. It changes the whole market. It changes who they are selling ads to, it changes why companies would buy ads. Change the competition. And it changes its appeal to new users. Twitter is all about the search feature What is Twitter’s competition? As a social network, we have always seen Twitter as a competition with Facebook. It always seemed a bit natural, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are the stars of the early rise of social networks, at least the only ones that are still remembered today. Again, does anyone here remember MySpace?

But should they compete with Facebook? Should they go after the same market? Are they really in the same market? No. Twitter, as a social network, is closer to Pinterest than to Facebook. My most used feature on Twitter is the search feature. When something is important to me, all I need to know is its hashtag and I can stay up to date. When I need support from a company, I look up their Twitter account and can contact them right away (and often get instant responses). Just like Pinterest, search has become the most important feature of Twitter for many, many users. But while Twitter has powerful search features for those who know how to use them, the average Twitter user probably doesn’t even know they exist. Social media marketers often say that to use Pinterest, you have to see it as a search engine.

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