Here are some common myths about online and social media marketing that you’re better off ignoring. #socialmedia #socialmediamistakes #socialmediamarketing #socialmediatips #socialmediaadviceThe problem is that the number of fans or followers will not pay their bills if they are not specific and engaging. There are many examples of blogs, companies, or even people who earn a lot from social media, but don’t have as many followers. When we were still running our startup, we started seeing measurable results from Twitter when we only had a couple of thousand followers. And on networks like Pinterest, the number of followers is even less important because many people find content through the search function. You always have to be ahead of the curve and follow the hype.

Some time ago in a workshop, one of the participants asked us why we are not doing more with video on Facebook. After all, video is the BIG thing right now. The reason is simple, creating video content is a lot of work. We already have great marketing success without having to search for videos. And maybe video isn’t so much our thing, we’re more like writers. Our blog, our subscriber list and client list continue to grow. Because we get a lot of traffic from other channels like Twitter and Google, for us it’s a simple equation: We don’t want or need to put in the effort to create a ton of videos for Facebook. For someone else who loves videos, that might be a totally different story.

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To answer that? Twitter has millions of active users, Twitter is growing. Twitter just isn’t as good as Facebook and Instagram at making its users pay for success… Did you know that there are some simple processes that can help you and just about any other blog or business increase your Twitter audience, without the need for advertising? There are many blogs, including our blog. The Social Ms and Jeff Bullas, who built their traffic on Twitter. A lot of our traffic Belize whatsapp number list  still comes from Twitter and it’s not going to die. Image Source: Jeff Bullas 19. Pinterest is only for women and DIYers That is totally wrong. More than 175 million people are active on Pinterest and many men are starting to discover the power of Pinterest too.

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While there may be some niches where it’s easier to unlock the full power of Pinterest, it’s not like other niches aren’t present on Pinterest. Image Source: Advertising Week 20. Pinterest is purely social (Search) The truth is, if you’re looking to drive traffic to a website from Pinterest, you should consider Pinterest’s search feature and do some sort of SEO for your pins. This way, not only will your followers be able to see your pins, but you can also unlock the tremendous power of Pinterest’s search and smart feed. 21. Pinterest is a search engine While SEO for Pinterest should be a must, not considering the social aspect of Pinterest is also wrong. Smart eating relies heavily on multiple factors. And one of these factors is who follows whom and who shares your content.

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A big step towards some of the features of social media by (re)introducing hashtags. If you want to unlock the full power of Pinterest, you now need to search for hashtags too (that’s new as of October 2017). 22. Niche forums are dead Most people today look for high traffic on major social networks or Google search. But for many niches, it would be much easier to see. The first few results quickly by checking out the niche forums. These can be Facebook groups or LinkedIn groups on the topic. But also special interest niche forums on very specific topics. Since targeting them is often so much better than the BIG selling points, you can often see better results, build valuable connections, and have a lot more fun talking to people who share your interests.

Email marketing is not social Many people see email marketing as something impersonal or more like a means of recognition. This is not how it should be. Good email marketing is your opportunity to connect and build a relationship with your audience. You have the opportunity to start a conversation, have more than one point of contact and build trust. You can often connect through email much better than with a loose contact on social media. That’s an opportunity that many bloggers, marketers, and business owners are missing out on. Final Words on Social Media Myths These are just some of the misconceptions and errors that we have encountered throughout our marketing activity. I’m pretty sure there are many more myths floating around and misleading some of the more inexperienced bloggers and marketers.

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