If you praised the opportunity to work with Ana, for example, now is the time to explain what was so special about Ana that led you to write this recommendation. Remember to step out of the Benin Phone Number List commonplace and avoid qualities listed in all the more generic recommendations. So, instead of listing all the person’s interesting characteristics, making the reading repetitive and uninteresting, try to focus on two or three qualities that you find most impressive in the professional. Take into account the Benin Phone Number List attributes with the greatest potential to be considered differentiation. Don’t forget to give importance to the person’s area of ​​expertise. Give preference to the qualities that are seen as essential for the Benin Phone Number List performance of the function performed by the recommended person.

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To help you decide what to write about, we’ve created a few questions to stimulate your creativity. If you’re Benin Phone Number List writing about a subordinate or co-worker, ask yourself: What were the person’s responsibilities? How did your contributions affect the organization? What were your main skills ? Do you remember any particular moment when the professional had to solve a delicate situation? How it was? If your essay is Benin Phone Number List about a service provider, ask yourself: Why did you choose this person and not another one available on the market? Would you recommend the service to close friends ? Was the person attentive before, during and after the service was performed? 4. Give a personal touch Now that you’ve talked Benin Phone Number List about an individual’s professional qualities, it’s time to humanize your image .

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A text that only talks about the functions that someone can fulfill, ignoring their personal and social Benin Phone Number List characteristics, seems to talk about a robot, and that is not the image you want to convey. Therefore, talk a little about the personality of the person recommended and how their presence contributed to the work environment. Remember the happy Benin Phone Number List moments you shared, good deeds performed and, if applicable, mention how you are missed in the company. 5. End with a firm conclusion In the end, make it clear how much you indicate the person’s services , after all, this is the main objective of the text. A firm conclusion doesn’t have to be Benin Phone Number List extensive or contain too much information.

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