A one-line sentence is enough. Just be clear, objective and convincing. Let’s look at two examples: “Any team would benefit from having Ana as a member.” “Whether as a member or as a leader, Jo Bolivia Phone Number List counts on my recommendation.” What practices should be avoided? As important as knowing how to write good recommendations is knowing the practices to avoid. After all, if misused, the resource can have the Bolivia Phone Number List opposite effect and end up harming those involved. So, let’s cover three mistakes that should be avoided when producing a LinkedIn recommendation. Don’t write too long texts The character limit in a recommendation text on the network is 3,000. That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to write until you run out of it. Keep the text short and objective, avoiding Bolivia Phone Number List boredom and losing the reader.

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Two or three paragraphs should be enough to include the necessary information. don’t ask strangers to recommend Bolivia Phone Number List you If a person doesn’t know you, they don’t have enough authority to recommend you. Any attempt could result in complete failure. When realizing that the author does not know the person he is recommending, it is Bolivia Phone Number List natural for the reader to disregard the value of the text, eliminating the chances of establishing a fruitful connection. maintain professionalism The effect of a recommendation reflects both the person recommended and the author of the text. So be careful with the vocabulary used in writing. Grammatical errors and the use of too informal language can negatively impact Bolivia Phone Number List your professional image.

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Be sure to remain objective. Remarks that are too vague are subject to different interpretations and may give a negative impression of you. LinkedIn referral is a beneficial resource for both Bolivia Phone Number List employers and profiles looking for a new work experience. Follow the tips presented throughout the article to write good recommendations and thus encourage your connections to do the same for you. So, are you ready to Bolivia Phone Number List write great LinkedIn recommendations? While we’re discussing this topic, how about continuing your learning and reading about 15 LinkedIn tools that are critical to digital marketing ? Come on! How to define the degree of importance and urgency of pending tasks? The Eisenhower Matrix is ​​an Bolivia Phone Number List effective tool for those looking to increase productivity in this sense,

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