If you want more details on every step of the journey, we’ve created the Enchantment Cycle , which is Viva Debora’s way of attracting audiences and customers. After testing internally Jordan WhatsApp Number List  and achieving expressive results, we decided to share with you 12 steps to delight clients before, during and after the executed project. Are you ready to become a reference in content in the market? This post was written Jordan WhatsApp Number List by Pedro Rena, BIB marketing manager for Viva Debora , the largest interior design and decoration portal in Brazil. More than being known, the brand needs to create bonds with its target audience. Therefore, the concept of brand affinity is gaining more and more space among Jordan WhatsApp Number List companies that want to build a lasting and healthy relationship with their audience.

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With the right execution, the better the chances that your brand will prosper in such a competitive market. Gabriel Jordan WhatsApp Number List  Cargo July 29, 20 | Reading: min Brand affinity The competition for the audience’s attention and resources is an increasingly fierce mission. In this way, one must do more than attract consumers, it is necessary to delight them and create a close and healthy relationship . Your branding process , therefore, Jordan WhatsApp Number List should be focused on concepts such as brand affinity, which seeks to create a brand that becomes important to your persona . The time when only brand awareness was important is over. Today, it is necessary to create one more complement for your company. After all, it can’t just be known, it must be important to your target audience . Therefore, we will cover Jordan WhatsApp Number List the following topics in this article: What is brand affinity? What are the benefits of this concept?

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What to do to increase it? Are you curious and want to know a little more about how to build a brand that has an Jordan WhatsApp Number List affinity with your audience and creates true promoters of your company? So, read on! What is brand affinity? The concept of brand affinity represents the relationship between customers and companies that share common values . More than a rational decision, the purchase journey starts to Jordan WhatsApp Number List  suffer a great influence from the emotional relationship. This means the next level after the awareness phase, when your brand is no longer just known and is valued by the user. This affinity can take place in different ways, such as interaction and engagement with your audience. However, it reaches another level when consumers like your brand so much that they Jordan WhatsApp Number List are not only loyal, but also advocate for your company.

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