From the first dated creation of malls in the 1950s to the more than 1,200 malls and department stores that exist today. One thing is undeniable: shopping malls have given businesses. A boost like never before by opening up the entire buying and distribution process to consumers. Otherwise known as retail.So why have over a hundred closed in the last decade and another 300 expected to close in the next 5 years? This can be an awkward question in the minds of business owners.But one thing is certain. Retail marketing Remove Background Image  may have changed, but it’s far from dead. It just went retail Online retail marketing is to have been a major contributor to this. With the changing evolution of user behavior and the advancement of technologies, brick-and-mortar retail is simply not seen as the crowd puller it once was.

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Instead, retail marketing moved online and gave birth to e-commerce or online retail marketing, as we refer to it in this article.No one knows what the future holds, with malls a shadow of what they were decades ago. Not only stores, but developers of such properties give equal Remove Background Image weight to crowd magnets such as arcade games, and food, That was the exact thinking behind office depot’s latest test. In some of its urban markets, they are piloting a program to convert part of . Their commercial space into coworking offices. Hoping that with more people around this time. They will eventually increase their store sales.We can’t predict what the future holds for retail. But until things get clearer, we’ll help business owners with what they need to worry about now. Having an online retail marketing plan ready for their business.

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The shift from transactions made at physical retail stores to transactions made only at corporate online stores. E-commerce has revolutionized a dying industry and allowed a more robust and dynamic model to take its place. We dug up some consumer data and found this interesting testimony of mall visitors in 1999 versus those in 2020.Visitors to the mall in 1999

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