When you click the search button, a search is initiated which only Norway Phone Number List lasts for a few minutes. The search will return the name of the owner of the telephone number and the address of the owner of the telephone number. It will also include the name of the phone company that issued the number and the place where the phone number was issued.

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To be able to make this search however, you must have registered and become a member. A certain fee is usually charged which is not more than $15 in most cases. This will give you access to unlimited number of searches while your membership lasts. You also have to yourself a steady customer service representative who will help you resolve your search-related problems.

Norway Phone Number List

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Reverse phone number lookup directories remain the only reliable way of finding addresses by telephone number. Whether the phone number you are searching is a cell phone number or a land line number. So far it is registered in the country, you are guaranteed of finding the required reverse information. Address searches using a telephone number can be done via reverse phone number lookup directories.

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