Mass Marketing, however, goes in the opposite direction and does not consider the changes that happen in this universe . All customers receive the same message, and the trend is different: data from Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List Kan tar Media shows that 51% of users are more interested in a brand when the ads are personalized . In other words, no matter how much you interact with millions of people at the same time, many of them will not care what you do. The main disadvantage is the low efficiency of the ad, Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List vying for the consumer’s attention with personalized and customized actions, campaigns that prove to be more effective. Furthermore, this is a short-term strategy , not generating any benefit for loyalty , for example, another growing need of companies. In which Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List situations should Mass Marketing be applied?

The Top 5 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Campaign Failed

Mass Marketing is, therefore, a very risky strategy and should be used with caution , taking into account your company’s Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List planning and objectives. A company that works with very specific products, for example, should not use this strategy in its Marketing plan . Basic-needs product brands such as personal care items which will already have a large number of people interested in their products anyway, are Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List betting on this strategy. Telecom companies also use Mass Marketing as it is a very popular service that people need more and more. Therefore, it is essential to assess exactly what the situation of your company is, and if it fits that scenario, this strategy can be extremely useful. Otherwise, the best way is to bet on other fronts, which value the rationalization and segmentation of Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List campaigns , such as Content Marketing .

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According to your planning and objectives, Mass Marketing can still have its value and generate some kind of short-term result. Other strategies, however, are more efficient, especially when we talk Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List about segmentation and offering more personalized products and/or services to the consumer. How about, then, knowing one of these strategies that goes in the opposite direction of Mass Marketing? Therefore, we separate an article on a rationalization technique that has been gaining a lot of space in the market: understand what Sensory Marketing is Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List and learn how to use the five senses to generate sales for your business ! Data marketing is a great ally of content marketing. The use of data can bring much more intelligence to the planning and Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List production of content, so that it generates more results for the business.

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