Responding to crisis with PR For many brands, the corona Bolivia Phone Number List crisis is an opportunity to show their best side. Bavaria and Bols not only make alcohol for beer and gin respectively, but now also produce alcohol (as a raw material for) disinfecting soap. Coca-Cola suspends all advertisements. Donates 120 million euros to corona aid. It is an opportunity for these brands to Bolivia Phone Number List  be relevant now with their PR. Let’s admit that while it is likeable. It also feels a bit sought after and it is not easy to link the brand values ​​to these actions. In any case, the donation and hand soap respond to the current crisis and show mercy and flexibility.

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Also read: Brand communication & Oman WhatsApp Number List corona. Examples from  Disney. Suit Supply, Burger King and more playful hacks Some brands try to make a difference in this crisis in a different way, for example by making comfortable chill clothes. Underpants-with-pockets brand Pockies supplied a toilet roll with orders at the start of the corona crisis, now it is calling on fans to move as Bolivia Phone Number List little as possible. These Stay. At Home Heroes have a chance to win free underpants or a TV. Via Instagram , the brand involves the community of fans even more in the brand experience. View this post on Instagram Surviving Corona: No clean boxers without a clean butt.


Oman WhatsApp Number List
Oman WhatsApp Number List

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They adapted their logos to emphasize the importance of social Bolivia Phone Number List distancing. A smart way to communicate a serious subject (ensuring health by keeping your distance) in a light-hearted way. Communicate business when you. Benefit “Bicycle manufacturer VanMoof sells more bicycles, because people prefer to cycle rather than use public transport,” MT reports. In Bolivia Phone Number List this must-read , communication head Karlijn Marchildon describes how to deliver positive company news in times when many are suffering. Her tip: “Share the facts very dryly.” After all, a company that rubs its hands and fills its pockets during a pandemic that costs thousands of lives can count on little sympathy.

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