Google Analytics is a fundamental tool for all people who are dedicated to online marketing. I propose you with this Google Analytics guide to learn the main aspects of Web Analytics. For any Marketing plan it is essential to have knowledge about Google Analytics. This platform that provides you with all the data. Metrics and reports with which you can make comparisons to improve your Online Marketing strategies. Because as those of us who are dedicated to Marketing say. “If we don’t measure, we can’t improve”.

20 Essential Steps to Become a Google Analytics Jedi. I propose this tour of 20 fundamental steps of Google Analytics with many keys and tips. So you can get the most out of this wonderful platform. My purpose is that you can better understand Google Analytics. Better interpret its metrics and Paraguay Phone Number List, so that in this way you can better analyze the Offline. And Online behavior of your audience and, based on it. Make important decisions in your Marketing campaigns. In any Online Marketing Plan. The implementation of analytics and the analysis of the results of your strategy will allow you to see the scope of your campaigns. It will allow you to evaluate them and above all. It helps you make important decisions to improve the scope of your campaigns. And the achievement of your objectives.

Configuration and First Steps

Web Analytics is not only about the collection of many data and figures, but above all. It is the study and comparison of reports, so that through their interpretation. You can convert the data into knowledge parameters around your audience. Your brand and your goals on the web. For all Marketing Plan. Google Analytics is essential. Web Analytics is not the collection of data, but its interpretation to turn it into knowledge. Obviously the first thing you should do is sign up for Google Analytics and open an account in which you enter the Web URL. With this you will have a unique identification number, which Google Analytics gives you and that you can implement on your website either through a plugin if it is from WordPress or a code. Once the plugin is activated, you must confirm if it is correctly configured.


Google Analytics Support offers you all the information on how to configure Google Analytics . And if your website is built on WordPress in this post, you can see several different ways to install Google Analytics on a WordPress website . The easiest way to know if your Google Analytics account is already active is to go to your reporting panel and click on the Real Time section and then on the first option: general description and see if there are any visitor movements on your website.

Manage and Customize Your Accounts

You can check it by making a visit with your mobile or your computer and see if it produces any changes. If so, your website is already synchronized with Google Analytics and from then on it will record all visits to your website. Important: You must bear in mind that the activation of an account in Google Analytics is not always immediate. In some cases it may take 24 to 48 hours before it is activated and you can see the results of visits to your website, in real time and in the past.

Once you activate your Google Analytics account , you will always reach the main panel, where you can see the data of all the accounts that you manage or that have allowed you to manage or analyze. This is possible, since the platform allows you to view and manage multiple accounts, if you have the necessary permissions. In the User Management section you can also grant permissions with different degrees of functionality to other users. For this, it is only necessary to include your email, mark the degree of functionalities and permissions and send an email notification. From that link, the person you have invited or authorized will be able to access your account data. This greatly facilitates the functions of the Community Manager, the agency or the person in charge of analyzing your Marketing campaigns .

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